The Killarney Parent Fundraising Society (KPFS) raises money to support the Parent Council’s efforts to enrich Montessori education at Killarney School. The KPFS invests in materials, initiatives and events that support the student experience. We strive to be a model example of a public Montessori school; where a community of students, parents and teachers work together to create an environment in which each child may explore and discover their world. 

KPFS is keenly aware of the importance of parental support in helping our school thrive and we appreciate any financial assistance that is given. We strive to ensure that we get the most value from all of our donations, therefore we ask families once per school year for direct contributions where every penny can be used for the school. We do not require parents to sell anything during the school year. There may be an occasional bake sale but you will not be required to lobby your friends and family to buy perogies, chocolate almonds or subscriptions. 

Each school year, Killarney families will receive a communication from the KPFS regarding the Annual Fundraising Campaign. We supply information on our fundraising goals, where the money may be spent, and a suggested donation. All donations are welcome and appreciated! We are able to accept online donations at our GoFundMe page or by cheque made out to the Killarney Parent Fundraising Society. Tax receipts are available, as we are a registered Canadian charity (Registration # 888181013RR0001.)

In 2021, the Annual Fundraiser is supporting the amazing Killarney School Legacy Project to help our school improve our outdoor spaces for learning and recreation. To contribute, click on Go-Fund-Me. Every dollar helps!


To read more FAQs about the Annual fundraiser Click HERE.

​​​​Thank you for your support of the Killarney Annual Fundraising Campaign!

In the words of Maria Montessori, we hope that the environment and experiences we provide at Killarney School will:

“give to each child the chance to fulfill his/her potential possibilities.” 


Killarney Parent Fundraising Society  (KPFS)

Annual Fundraising Campaign