“Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and strength, use it to create” M.Montessori.

Killarney school is a CBE alternative Montessori based elementary program that services over 350 kids from K-6.  To honour the 150th year of Maria Montessori, the Killarney Parent Council created the 150th Legacy Project.  This project will enhance a publicly-accessible outdoor green space that reflects the values of MONTESSORI in experiential learning, natural world and land-based learning, and community peace.


In keeping with the tenets of MONTESSORI and to create a legacy of Killarney school history as a center of Montessori, our objectives are to:

  1. Introduce outdoor spaces that encourage land-based learning and connection

  2. Improve outdoor equipment that promotes safe hands-on interaction and exploration for all grades / ages

  3. Enhance the natural landscape to increase public interface with nature

courtyard paint games2.jpg

Paint the courtyard



The Project will aim to raise the majority of donor funds by the end of June 2021.  This will enable the project to maximize matching grant applications in the fall. Download the flyer here.

The Killarney Parent Fundraising Society is a registered Canadian charity which provides receipts for claiming the charitable donation tax credit. This tax credit can be up to 50% (Prov and Fed combined) of your donation. For more info click here.

Help make the Legacy Project bloom by clicking on Go-Fund-Me (below).

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For more info, contact Joanna Glynn and Carolyn Johnson on legacyproject@killarneyparent.ca